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The digital world has created massive white spaces in the real world. Our ethos of innovating our real estate portfolio has led us to spin out a full-fledged seed-stage focused venture capital firm, Alpaca.

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Investment Approach

Alpaca, previously known as Corigin Ventures, plays a unique role through offering a pipeline of new products, ideas, and innovations that are tested and rolled out to our portfolio. We invest at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds, leading Seed rounds and participating in Pre-Seed rounds, with significant capital reserved to continue supporting their journey. While the sectors we invest in are varied, we look for founders who are incredibly well-suited to lead and succeed for whatever problem they aim to solve.

For Founders, By Founders

Alpaca is led by a diverse team of former founders, operators, and analytical thinkers who have experienced the startup journey before. We’re the investors we wish we had. The ones that offer hands-on support to scale companies from 0 to 1. The people who stick together through the ups and downs and mean it when we say ‘One Team. One Herd.’ Our platform and repeatable playbook provide the ultimate experience we expect as entrepreneurs ourselves.

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